Developing new and effective methods for analysing large and complex data sets requires expertise in statistical analysis but also knowledge of modern analysis alternatives in areas such as machine learning and AI. Thanks to our solid research experience we have broad, extensive expertise, which means that we can develop the method that is best suited for each analysis. We create innovative algorithms and analytical tools, characterized by:

  • Efficiency and complexity: after analysing each problem, we develop customised methods utilising relevant elements from the research forefront. We are not hindered by theoretical difficulties, instead we let the specific circumstances of each problem decide the choice of method.
  • Tailor-made and complete analytical tools: instead of offering standardised solutions to a limited number of problems, we start with each customer’s specific needs and develop comprehensive, demand-driven solutions that take you all the way to your goals.
  • A combination of data sources: internal databases can be supplemented with external data sources, such as personal databases, competitor data and social media for further leverage in information extraction.