Capture your data value
Can you afford not to?

Improve your business through actionable insights from data


Your data hold great value and are the key to many complex business challenges. By adding data from external databases, Internet and Social Media, the data value is further increased.


JUPEL explores your opportunities and develops strategies to implement or further develop your data-driven analyses.


JUPEL develops innovative research-based analytical tools for optimal extraction of data value.


Increased profits and competitive edge. Unigue Insights about processes and customers for increased business efficiency and value-creating measures.

Data – Your most important and most valuable asset?

Data – “the worlds most valuable resource”. Your internal data – concerning customers and internal processes, hold great value. But the value in data is latent and is captured only when data is analysed using the right methods.

JUPEL focuses on capturing the full potential of your data with customised analytical tools and we supplement with external data sources for further leverage in data value extraction.

Strategic advice for data analysis

Growing data volumes and rapid development in areas such as machine learning and AI are opening up new exciting opportunities. Business intelligence is increasingly about the ability to analyse data. But what are the possibilities and how can data-driven analysis address your business challenges?

JUPEL develops company-specific overall strategies and action plans for data analysis, but also provides advisory services and evaluations of specific data analysis projects.

JUPEL’s analytics solutions – Foundation for efficient data-driven decision-making

JUPEL identifies means and measures that increase sales, save costs through streamlining and optimisation of actions and processes – solutions that pay off.

JUPEL’s starting point is your company’s specific preconditions, needs and goals. We develop analytical tools and algorithms that transform your customer, user and process data into valuable and decisive insights and competitive advantages.

Innovative and Research-Based Analysis Methods

With our solid research experience in statistics and data analysis, we develop innovative statistical methods and methods in machine learning and AI for optimal information extraction from data. We offer data-driven innovation.

JUPEL provides solutions for both ongoing and cross-sectional analyses, and develops and integrates analytics solutions into existing systems.

Customer Case Studies

JUPEL’s solutions are not industry-specific. We have customers in both the private and public sectors. Our customers have one point in common: they all understand the value of analysing their data. Read about how we work in specific customer cases.


The founders of JUPEL are Ellinor Fackle-Fornius and Jessica Franzén, both PhDs in statistics with about 40 years of combined professional experience in research, teaching, practical applications and expert advisory.