Swedish Event Statistics

The Swedish Performing Arts Association, Swedish Live, Swedish Sports Confederation, and Visita with BFUF (the R&D Fund of the Swedish Tourism & Hospitality Industry) as project owners, have joined forces in the project Swedish Event Statistics. The project aims to produce relevant and reliable statistics on the event sector that will strengthen knowledge about the sector and how it can be developed. The project is supported by the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth.

The stakeholders have engaged Jupel to produce the national statistics on the industry and to develop a method for efficiently producing annually recurring statistics. Today, there are no reliable figures that are comparable between the industries in the sector. There is a great need for reliable, credible, comparable statistics that can be followed up in the long term. Credible and correct information is crucial for understanding the significance of events and for handling future support, investments and provision of competence.

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Statistical analyses of library usage

Region Östergötland

On behalf of Götabiblioteken, Jupel conducts a detailed statistical mapping of library usage. Götabiblioteken is a collaboration between the region’s 13 municipalities and Tranås municipality. The project is supported by a number of functions within the Östergötland region.

The purpose of the project is to get a complete picture of the library usage of all the region’s 47 libraries. The survey includes a thorough description of who the library’s users are, what characteristics they have and what their activity patterns look like. Just as important is to find out who is not using the libraries today to be able to propose improvements of the libraries so that they become relevant for, and available to everyone. The mapping also includes comparisons between the 47 libraries and geographical differences in library usage.

Jupel combines data from the region’s library data system with population data from Statistics Sweden. We provide a detailed description of different user segments and analyzes of underlying factors that govern library use. Based on our analyzes, the municipality can take measures to optimize library operations.

Region Gotland

On behalf of the Gotland Region, Jupel carried out a similar statistical analysis of users and non-users of the municipality’s libraries in the project “Stärkta bibliotek” (with state funds from the Swedish Arts Council). The purpose of the project is to identify which groups use and which groups do not use the libraries in order for the libraries to target, design and develop the activities so that they increasingly meet the objectives of the Swedish Library Act. According to the Library Act, library activities must be accessible to everyone. JUPEL combines data from the local library data system with microdata from Statistics Sweden.

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Enkla Elbolaget supplies climate-wise electricity to both private and corporate customers. The company is very dedicated in their work for good customer service. In 2020, Enkla Elbolaget won the “Brilliant Awards – Customer Experience 2020” for best customer service in the electricity industry. On behalf of the electricity company, JUPEL does a thorough analysis of the company’s private customers, their characteristics and what drives the customers’ various decisions and behaviours. Electricity customers tend to move easily between different suppliers. For example, JUPEL identifies differences in characteristics between 1) loyal customer groups and others, 2) customer groups that have come in through different recruitment channels, 3) customers in different geographical areas and 4) customers with different consumption patterns. JUPEL’s analytics solutions enable Enkla Elbolaget to

  • offer the company’s customers better solutions
  • reach new customer groups
  • decrease churn
  • become more efficient in their customer communication
  • increase profits and competitive edge

Supplementing the company’s customer data with external data, JUPEL generates in-depth and exhaustive information about underlying mechanisms for different customer segments.