We, the founders of JUPEL, are Ellinor Fackle-Fornius and Jessica Franzén, both PhDs in statistics with specialist expertise in two different main statistical areas. We have 30 years of combined professional experience of research, teaching and expert advisory in many different statistical fields as well as a number of published research articles. In addition, we have vast teaching merits and extensive experience in communicating statistics at all levels. Based on our broad and deep expertise, we work out optimised analytical solutions without being hindered by theoretical difficulties.

Jessica Franzén & Ellinor Fackle Fornius

Jessica holds a doctoral degree in Statistics and her research concerns new methods for segmentation of data (Bayesian cluster analysis). New methods are needed to address challenges that arise when identifying complex structures in large volumes of data. She also has a research background in statistical methods in genetics.

Ellinor holds a doctoral degree in Statistics and a Master’s degree of Economics. Ellinor is active in the research area of experimental planning: statistical methods to optimally plan experiments and tests with the aim of obtaining maximum information and certainty in the conclusions.